Sugared almonds for weddings

Sugared almonds for weddings

01anno1 year: Cotton wedding
2 years: Leather wedding
3 years: Wheat wedding
4 years: Wax wedding
Celebrate them with pink sugared almonds

25anni25 years: Silver wedding
26 years: Jade wedding
27 years: Mahogany wedding
28 years: Nickel wedding
29 years: Velvet wedding
Celebrate them with silver sugared almonds

50anni50 years: Golden wedding
Celebrate it with golden sugared almonds

05anni5 years: Wooden wedding 6 years: Cardboard wedding
7 years: Wool wedding
8 years: Poppy wedding
9 years: Majolica wedding
Celebrate them with fuchsia sugared almonds

30anni30 years: Pearls wedding
31 years: Skin wedding
32 years: Copper wedding
33 years: Orchid wedding
34 years: Amber wedding
Celebrate them with pale blue sugared almonds

55anni55 years: Ivory wedding

Celebrate it with ivory sugared almonds

10anni10 years: Pond wedding
11 years: Coral wedding
12 years: Silk wedding
13 years: Thrush wedding
14 years: Lead wedding
Celebrate them with yellow sugared almonds

35anni35 years: Sapphire wedding
36 years: Muslin wedding
37 years: Paper wedding
38 years: Mercury wedding
39 years: Organza wedding
Celebrate them with blue sugared almonds

60anni60 years: Diamond wedding

Celebrate with white sugared almonds

15anni15 years: Porcelain wedding
16 years: Sapphire wedding
17 years: Rose wedding
18 years: Turquoise wedding
19 years: Cretonne wedding
Celebrate them with opaque white sugared almonds

40anni40 years: Emerald wedding
41 years: Iron wedding
42 years: Mother-of-Pearl wedding
43 years: Flannel wedding
44 years: Topaz wedding
Celebrate them with green sugared almonds

20anni20 years: Crystal wedding
21 years: Opal wedding
22 years: Bronze wedding
23 years: Orange Flower wedding
24 years: Satin wedding
Celebrate them with orange sugared almonds

45anni45 years: Ruby wedding
46 years: Lavender wedding
47 years: Cashmere wedding
48 years: Amethyst wedding
49 years: Cedar wedding
Celebrate them with red sugared almonds

Whether you are about to get married, or you have been husband and wife for a long time, Buratti Confetti offers you the best selection of sugared almonds, both for the wedding feast and for the celebration of the marriage.

And if white sugared almonds are traditionally used to celebrate the union of two people, even wedding anniversaries have their comfits of choice.