The values

Qualità prima di tutto.

The quality is at the first place: this is the number one value of all productions by Buratti Confetti.

Since the beginning of our activity, we always carefully selected all the ingredients and consistently controlled raw materials at the base of our work. We are convinced that the quality is not an abstract concept, but rather a principle of work, which is standard to our productions every day.

We dedicate the maximum care to every product, in every step of the processing: everyone must respect our strict quality standards. Why? Because the sugared almond itself represent a unique sensory experience.

Among our core values there is also territoriality. There are places that can generate special ingredients, unique, and inimitable: this is the case of Avola and its precious almonds, essential ingredient at the basis of our preparations. At the same time, we choose only the prestigious cocoa from the best Africa and Latin America plantations.

Finally, listening: we think that it is essential to communicate with our consumers, giving assiduous attention to their demands and needs. Precisely for this reason, for years, we have been manufacturing a complete line of certified products destined to celiacs.