The history of sugared almonds

Buratti Confetti, passion for excellence

We have been producing sugared almonds for over sixty years: this is what we do best.

We are guided by tradition, quality, passion: you can feel the drive of these qualities in all our specialties, characterized by our craftsmanship and the search for perfection, that made the brand Buratti Confetti appreciated in Italy and in the world.

Our experience in confectionery joins a great passion: this is our “special recipe” at the base of all our sweets and confectionery products. With Buratti Confetti the soul of traditional, classic sweets is renewed in different sweets, all created with carefully selected raw materials and never altered by preservatives.

With Buratti Confetti the principal protagonist is only one: taste.

Time, past and future, constantly enriched us: from the past we took the confectionery tradition of excellence, in the future we see more new products, closer to the tastes of our customers and to the gastronomic trends.

Buratti Confetti is made of shapes, scents, and colours. Our purpose? To give sweetness to the special moments of life.

That’s why the confetti Buratti are so good. That’s why, if a sugared almond is good, it is a Buratti candy.